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January 20th 2017

SuperRatings Announces Top Ten Super Funds in 2016.

According to SuperRatings, Catholic Super and HOSTPLUS were the top returning super funds in 2016, delivering a 10.1% gain for their members, compared to the median Balanced option return of 7.3%. Catholic Super and HOSTPLUS were followed by Cbus, CareSuper and Sunsuper, all of which provided well above median performance for their members over the year.

January 6th 2017


Super funds have performed above the ten-year average in 2016, showing the remarkable resilience of Australia’s superannuation system in what has proved to be a highly challenging and eventful year.

December 22nd 2016

Super Funds Benefit from 'Trump Effect'.

After a brief shock to the system, equity markets have rallied strongly on the back of Donald Trump’s upset win in the US presidential election, with Australia’s superannuation investors among the immediate beneficiaries. However, SuperRatings warned investors to prepare for a potentially rocky ride as markets continue to adjust to the changing political landscape.

December 1st 2016

Super Funds Weaker In October As US Election Rattles Markets.

Super funds were hit by market turbulence across October in the lead up to the US Presidential election, with the median balanced fund falling by -0.8%.

November 17th 2016

Super Funds Down As US Election Nerves Set In

While markets may have appeared remarkably calm ahead of the US election storm, a gradual sell-off in shares through October led to losses for superannuation investors. According to SuperRatings, the median balanced option return for October is likely to be an estimated -1.0%, with shares and bonds both contributing to falls in portfolios.

October 27th 2016


September has been a month of meagre returns for the majority of Australia’s superannuation funds who have seen their Balanced option produce a return of just 0.1% over the month. This belies a challenging landscape for investors and a challenging outlook for value.

October 20th 2016

SuperRatings Awards Best Super and Pension Funds 2017.

SuperRatings earlier this week announced the winners of their annual Fund of the Year Awards, with the top honour going to QSuper for the second year running. The Fund of the Year Awards recognise the major leaders and innovators in Australia’s superannuation industry, with the ultimate prize awarded to the fund that provides the best value end-to-end retirement solution.

September 23rd 2016

Super Funds Post Modest Gains in August.

Superannuation funds posted modest returns in August, following a robust July. The median Balanced option (with 60-76% of funds invested in growth assets such as equities), returned a subdued 0.3% over the month.

August 26th 2016

Strong Start to the Financial Year for Funds.

Super funds have rebounded this month with the median Balanced fund (with 60-76% of assets invested in growth assets such as equities) increasing by a welcoming 2.7%.

All asset classes finished the month in the black with the SR50 Australian Shares Index the best performer, with the median fund posting an impressive 5.7% return.

July 21st 2016

Uncertainty Hits Super Funds in June.

SuperRatings research has found the median balanced fund (60-76 per cent invested in growth assets) has returned 2.8 per cent over the last financial year.

Research Manager Kirby Rappell said despite experiencing a “subdued return” for the previous 12 months most of the gains made were in the last quarter.
“Funds returned around 2.6 per cent in the final quarter of the year, which accounted for much of the year’s return despite the volatility,’’ he said.

June 28th 2016

.Super Funds Stronger in May

Superannuation funds have recorded solid returns in May with the median balanced option delivering a rise of 2.3% to it’s members. This increase can largely be attributed to strength in the Australian sharemarket which continued it’s run higher in May, with the S&P/ASX200 reaching it’s highest level since August 2015.

Returns across all asset classes were in the black, with the median SR50 International Shares index producing the strongest result in May with a rise of 4.5%.

May 26th 2016

Super Funds Edge Higher in April

Super fund returns have edged higher in April with the median superannuation fund rising by 1.4%. It is the second consecutive positive return for super funds, as the Australian share market continues to recover from it’s February lows.
Although median returns in May are remaining positive so far, SuperRating’s said investors were still bracing for more market volatility.

April 22nd 2016

Super Funds Fighting To Get Back In The Black.

Yet another bounce in investor confidence has led to a turnaround in superannuation fund returns, with the median balanced option jumping by 1.7% in March. According to SuperRatings, the bounce in March returns simply reflected the improved optimism in the global economy, with many markets across the world, rallying hard during the month, particularly in Asia.

March 22nd 2016

Super Funds Challenged in February.

Superannuation funds continued to face challenging market conditions in February, with the median Balanced Option losing -0.5%. This is the fifth negative month for the financial year so far, with the financial year-to-date return falling to -1.6%.

February 25th 2016

Super Funds Off to a Shaky Start in 2016.

Volatile market conditions continue to take their toll on superannuation funds, with the median Balanced Option down 2.1% in January. This is the fourth negative month for the financial year so far, taking the financial year-to-date return into negative territory at -0.8%. The financial year-to-date result sits well below the financial year-to-date returns of 6.9% seen in January last year and 8.2% in January 2014.

December 24th 2015

Volatility Hits Markets in November

Challenging market conditions have impacted superannuation funds in November, with the median balanced option falling by -0.3%, taking year to date returns to 5.2%.