Super Fund Ratings & Awards

We rate the Super Funds for you, up to 340 in fact!

Made available by SuperRatings’, you have information available of more than 500 products. SuperSavvy has taken this research and compiled it into an easy to read list.


A rating is recognised as a reliable guide to a fund’s value. It is important to identify that a lower rating (such as Other) does not indicate in any way that a fund is unsuitable for investment. Rather, these ratings indicate that the same or similar features offered by these funds may be available in a more efficient environment. Also, in some instances, data has not been supplied and the fund has therefore not been rated in the same way as those funds who have supplied completed data.

SuperRatings also furnish awards to a select few funds that out shine the rest. To understand the methodology behind the ratings, click here.

Fundamental Reports

SuperRatings’ Research Analysts have also produced a Fundamental report for each super product too.

Fundamental reports are easy to read to understand the strengths and weaknesses of any fund. Produced in a simple yet comprehensive 2-page format, Fundamental reports display Ratings and Awards, investment performance and asset allocation, a fee comparison on a $50,000 account balance, insurance estimator and summary, member services and key facts, fund extras and fund contact details.

Product Disclosure Statements

A Product Disclosure Statement is a document that outlines the features, benefits, cost and risks associated with a financial product or service. Depending on the fund, the PDS is usually updated at least once each year.

We've given you the starting point, the rest is up to you!

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